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4 Problems University Students Face in School

4 Problems University Students Face in School


"I can't do these anymore."

"This school is stressing me"

"I just want to drop out"

"This wasn't what I signed up for."

"I am tired"

This is how a typical conversation between university students goes and trust me I can relate too. 

I will talk about a few major problems students in universities face and how you can manage or solve them.

1. Using Time productively This Is basically the problem that causes every other problem. Students spend the majority of their time on unimportant things and then complain about not being able to do anything reasonable. One way you can use your time productively is to make a list of all the important things you need to do to get good grades. List all the assignments, or reading and tick them off as you do them.

Make sure the list is not too long and it contains only important things.

2. Extending yourself too far: either by reading too much, trying to participate in every activity, doing things you are not comfortable with, etc. You tend to burn out quickly when you do these things and when you burn out and something happens to you, the school won't give "2/fucks" about you. They will continue learning 

So to avoid this, know the important things and focus.. Also, know yourself. Your strengths and weaknesses. Because someone can read for 7 hours at midnight doesn't mean you should do it. What if you perform better in the morning?

3. Health Conditions: Most times, as a result of extending yourself, you tend to get sick and all. Make sure you go to the clinic. Even if your school clinic is shitty, go while it's still minimal and stop waiting till it's bad.

4. Nostalgia(Missing home): This happens most times after "sapa" has dealt with you or things are not going the way you want them to. Don't let these, get to you as they are only temporary and you will make it through the situation. Whenever you feel like this, call your family members, talk to a friend or try to do something you enjoy doing.